Wild garlic pesto

Prep time: 20 minutes

For ages I’ve wanted to get my hands on some wild garlic, so I was thrilled to spot some locally-foraged leaves for sale on a stall as we wandered through Levenshulme Market this past Saturday morning.

If you’ve never had wild garlic, it has a strong garlic flavour (without the fieriness of raw garlic), but is light and fresh.

Knowing that I already had a stash of good EV olive oil and a wedge of Parmesan in the fridge, I immediately knew I had to make pesto and picked up 100g for a very reasonable £1.60.

I found a fantastic recipe at Riverford Organics, which I won’t plagiarise here. I’m not a subscriber to Riverford, but my sister-in-law swears by their veg boxes and the free recipes they come with.


All I needed to complete the recipe was some hazelnuts, so these were promptly added to the list for my weekly ASDA run (I keep some bottled lemon juice handy for salad dressings and whatnot). The ones I got were skin-on, and I ended up roasting too many in an effort to remove the skins. So the leftovers (pictured above) will soon be used to make cookies or something.

The finished pesto is delicious stirred simply through linguine, with a little extra EV to loosen the mixture and topped with Parmesan and freshly-cracked black pepper. It makes a great light lunch or meat-free main meal.


A dessert spoonful is enough for each serving, and I’ve got 9 servings from this jar. As it keeps fresh in the fridge for only 4-5 days, I’ve portioned it up to freeze down so we can have a tasty, nil-effort dinner whenever we’re short on time.



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