Review: ASDA tinned pulled pork

Now I know what you’re thinking, but let me stop you there.

While I’m a great advocate of cooking from scratch, my primary aim is feeding two people for £25 a week. And there are just some things that just aren’t possible to make cheaper than the supermarkets can.

Pulled pork is one such dish. And when I stumbled across a tinned version, I swallowed my pride and elected I’d give it a try.

As Britain has become collectively more conscious of food provenance and healthy eating, tinned food has something of an image problem.

Sure, we’ll all gladly use tinned beans, tomatoes and pulses – but the idea of tinned joints of meat in this day and age brings to mind monstrous, late-stage capitalist products such as this:

But canned goods are a staple in cheap eating – and even though £1.98 seems like a lot to part with for a single can, I’ll confess this is remarkably recommendable.

The sauce has that characteristic smoky sweetness that you expect of pastiche ‘BBQ’, and is thick enough to coat the meat.

That you pull the pork yourself with a couple of forks is a nice idea – and means the finished product looks mercifully less like the dog food that’s brought to mind on opening the tin.

Is it the greatest pulled pork you’ll ever have? Obviously not. But there’s enough in there for four well-filled brioche buns, and it’s low-effort. In other words: just what you want at the end of a tough day at work.

As value for money goes, it’s hard to argue with. And all told, it’s worth a solid 8/10.


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