Who is the SSC?

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I’m Luke, and I’m a greedy boy on a budget. Not out of necessity these days – I’m no Jack Monroe – but out of habit. And anger. As a country we waste so much money – and so much food – when there’s absolutely no need for it.

I spent my 20s in gainful but largely underpaid employment (a side-effect of being a creative worker living in London), so some weeks required a very tight grocery budget – I made my last £15 last a fortnight or more on several occasions. Some people spend that making a sodding lasagne, for God’s sake.

With my cupboards well-stocked with tins, pulses and spices, every leftover would go to good use. Some enforced ‘experiments’ were less successful than others, but along the way I picked up a few handy hacks.

These days, I’m a married man and living in Manchester. We’ve recently bought our first home, and our deposit needed all the help it could get. So I took full responsibility for the weekly food shop, with the aim of feeding the both of us for under £25 a week.

It worked, and we’re now spending every spare penny on renovating the house. It’s a 1904 terrace with several decades-worth of unsympathetic DIY to undo. So, our budget dinners remain.

I don’t subscribe to the idea that cheap food has to be unhealthy or boring. And I’ve set up this blog to prove it – to myself, and to you.